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Safety Interlock
Satety Interlock Safety Interlock

Welcome to Deepak Interlocks

Interlocking saves invaluable human lives and expensive equipment by preventing undesired operation in electrical equipments.

Figure Interlock is designed for uncomplicated usage by low-skill operators. Mechanical interlock prevent improper usage. High tension testing and Hazardous processing facilities are equipped with Safety Interlock to disable the electric supply when the service door or manhole is open.

Trapped key interlocking ensures sequential operation in process industries with pre-defined selection of locks and keys.

Since 1982, We have designed and manufactured Safety Interlocks, Panel interlocks, Mechanical Interlocks, Electrical Interlocks, Figure Interlocks and Control Panel Accessories for a range of Industries like Railways, Airports, Steel, Sugar, Cement plants and Process industries in India and around the globe.

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